XCTracer Mini III 1250 1 326x245 - XC Tracer Mini III GPS

XC Tracer Mini III GPS

December 4, 2019 XCmag.com 0
XC Tracer say their latest flight instrument, the Mini III GPS, is functionally similar to the Mini II but has a louder vario tone The post […]
Wani Light 2 1250 1 326x245 - Woody Valley Wani Light 2

Woody Valley Wani Light 2

November 28, 2019 XCmag.com 0
Woody Valley have updated their lightweight reversible paraglider harness; they say the Wani Light 2 now has a bigger rucksack and better airbag The post […]
TONIC 2 1250 1 326x245 - Skywalk Tonic2 mini wing

Skywalk Tonic2 mini wing

October 4, 2019 XCmag.com 0
Skywalk have released the Tonic2 mini wing. They say it’s a compact and versatile paraglider with a wide range of applications The post Skywalk Tonic2 […]
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TONIC2 – Available now!

October 4, 2019 daniel 0
The fun machine – OUT NOW!   Energetic. Direct. The TONIC2 is the fun machine in our mini-wing range. The super-compact wing with short span […]
Aco Hybrid tandem 1250 1 326x245 - Apco Hybrid Tandem

Apco Hybrid Tandem

October 3, 2019 XCmag.com 0
Apco have released their innovative Hybrid wing in a tandem version for free-flight and PPG. The post Apco Hybrid Tandem appeared first on Cross Country […]
CURE 2 1250 1 326x245 - BGD Cure 2 : EN C

BGD Cure 2 : EN C

September 30, 2019 XCmag.com 0
BGD have released the Cure 2, their “fast and accessible” EN-C replacement for the Cure though they say its structure and profile are closer to the […]