245 km FAI – ARRIBA4, Hans Walcher

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Grente – Grente

Our team pilot Hans Walcher had an amazing flight with his ARRIBA4. He managed to wrap up a 245 km FAI flight on Monday. 

“ARRIBA4. My personal high-performance glider. Seasoned with CAYENNE, CHILI and CUMEO from the C-class, it’s rated as a B-wing. On Monday, July 20, 2020 we finally had an XC day and I managed to be in the right place at the right time. I experienced the ARRIBA4 in detail in all possible conditions and its high performance helps me reach my goal. Despite the north-west wind, the ARRIBA glided well. But there were enough dicey spots in the air: against the wind in the Puster Valley – in the shade in the Ridnaun Valley – and Lüsen just didn’t work at all… I’m always thankful to make it back again. Even if another 30 km were possible… ARRIBA – ARRIBA, a love that grows…

Flug Hans Walcher 245 km ARRIBA4 - 245 km FAI – ARRIBA4, Hans Walcher

Arriba 244fai 2 - 245 km FAI – ARRIBA4, Hans Walcher

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